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Scott McQuitty, Alternative Health Practitioner - Sechelt & Garden Bay BC

Ortho-Bionomy® was created by Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, a 4th degree Black Belt Judo instructor. It is a blend of the energetic work of Judo, based in Osteopathy but does NOT use any forceful adjustments, along with Strain-Counter Strain developed by Dr. Lawrence Jones. (for more information please click link or )

As a practitioner I work with your body to find comfort allowing tension to leave and the self-correcting reflexes to engage. 

Many seek Ortho-Bionomy® for:

  • falls

  • whiplash

  • chronic pain conditions

  • traumatic events (physical and emotional)

  • sports injuries

  • frozen shoulder

  • sciatica

  • knee injuries

  • shock and trauma resolution

  • headaches

  • back and neck issues

  • structural and postural problems

  • carpal tunnel syndrome

  • relaxation and prevention

Ortho-Bionomy® due to its gentleness in approach has a great range of whom can be worked with - people with pre/post operative care, pain flare-ups or those with acute body pain.

Whether looking for relief from specific discomfort or a safe and effective way to ease stress and promote relaxation, Ortho-Bionomy® can be very beneficial. It can also work in conjunction with other healing systems. It is not a substitute for appropriate medical care, nutrition or exercise.

Suncoast Body Works offers this alternative medicine practice in our Garden Bay studio or Clinic Space in Sechelt.

*Please note new rates effective 01 September, 2019. See Services. Thank you